Community Safety: Falls Prevention 

Summer days are often filled with many activities – walking the dogs, attending sports games, rushing to appointments, traveling, or just enjoying time in nature. With the increase in outings, there may be an increase in how many fall hazards you come across. 

It’s important to stay safe while out and about. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

  • Uneven pavement, grass, or sidewalks are common. When walking, take your time and scan ahead for hazards. Consider using walking sticks or a cane for extra support and take extra care on windy and rainy days. 
  • Improve your balance and strength with regular exercise. Consider joining a community exercise program or local fitness facility. 
  • Be present in the moment. It may be difficult, but try to avoid rushing and distractions while walking, especially if on uneven surfaces. 
  • Wear safe, comfortable shoes. While a common choice in the summer, flip flops or sandals don’t offer the same support as a good tennis shoe. Look for footwear that has a firm heel collar to provide stability, laces to ensure that the shoe holds onto your feet when walking, and a textured sole and beveled heel to prevent slipping. 
  • When crossing the road, do so at the safest point, preferably a crosswalk. Take your time and make eye contact with any drivers around to ensure that they see you.  
  • Be present in the moment. It may be difficult but try to avoid rushing and distractions while out and about, especially if walking on uneven surfaces or in unfamiliar areas. 
  • On sunny days, wear sunglasses to reduce glare. When going from outside to indoors, allow time for your eyes to adjust to the different lighting before continuing.  

All things considered, take your time and enjoy a falls free Wisconsin summer. Find more information on ways you can prevent falls at