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Scroll through the cards below to read more about the programs and practices available that you can bring to your community. The program or initiative that will work best for your community may vary depending on demographics, capacity, and program requirements. Doing a variety of programs and/or initiatives can help broaden your reach to different populations. 

  • Type: A program, practice, initiative, or event
  • What: A Falls Program or a Physical Activity (PA) Program
  • Evidence-Level: Whether recognized as high-level evidence-based, preliminary evidence, or no evidence
  • Eligible for IIID: For organizations that use Older American Act funds. For more information, contact GWAAR.

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  • Brief Description
  • Target Market
  • Program Design (How many weeks/sessions)
  • Leader Qualifications
  • Link for more information
  • Link to find a workshop in Wisconsin (if applicable)

Programs with * are WIHA-developed. Learn More.

[My favorite part of facilitating Stepping On is] when people start realizing that the exercises can make a difference! It’s fulfilling and it makes such a difference to people’s lives. One thing I always tell the class is “we don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘today I’m going to fall’. We don’t plan it. So, we have to think about ways to prevent it.

Kathy (age 62)

Stepping On Peer Facilitator, Outagamie County, WI

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