Prepare to Prevent Falls This Winter

Whether or not we want to admit it, snow and ice is coming! Before it’s here to stay awhile, take some time to prepare so you can prevent falls and have a safe and healthy winter. Here are some things you can do: 

  • Have a plan. When it snows, is there someone who will come over and shovel or plow for you? Be sure to purchase salt ahead of time and use it as needed. 
  • Be proactive. When out and about this winter, carry a small bag of sand or cat litter with you. You can use this to throw it outside of your car door when getting in and out of your car or in front of you while walking for extra traction. 
  • Use assistive devices. There are many things you can use for extra stability. Attach an ice tip to your cane or add ice cleats to your shoes and boots. These things can be purchased online or at local sporting goods stores. 
  • Improve safety in your home. You may spend more time indoors during the winter. As most falls happen at home, take some time to reduce clutter. Not sure where to start? Go through our Home Safety Challenge or download our Home Safety Checklist and Cleaning Tool
  • Go slow. When out and about, take extra care. Ice may not always be visible. When walking, take smaller steps and widen your stance (keep your feet further apart).  
  • Talk to your provider about your Vitamin D intake. It can be difficult to get enough Vitamin D in the winter. Your provider can check your levels and help you get the recommended amount. 

Additionally, always keep your cell phone on you in case of an emergency. Being prepared is key to preventing falls this winter.